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He makes His angels spirits, His ministers a flame of fire.   Psalm 104:4


I believe the messages presented here are for the church of Jesus Christ in these last days. The voice of the Spirit of Christ is calling to His bride.  Christ is calling forth a people, a remnant of believers, holy and separate.  A people willing to die to self in order to reveal Christ through themselves, so that others might live.  A bride willing to face THE FIRE OF GOD'S PURGING WORD to become the reflection of Christ Himself.  A people willing to face trials of persecution, misundersanding, mocking and even beatings for His name’s sake.  This is a call by the Spirit of God for a bride to begin to reflect the light of Christ.  To begin to reflect the image of her bridegroom, to reveal His light and His glory.  To be transformed, to become HIS GLORIOUS CHURCH.  Ron Brick

2022  Ron Brick 


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